Mr. Figster

Blue Fern Creative developed the Visual Brand Identity and packaging for a product that houses and displays Lego Figures for collectors and enthusiasts.

The Opportunity: The client had a product and brand name, Mr. Figster’s Brick Boards, and needed a Visual Identity and packaging. This project came with the unique challenge of making the product and brand feel appropriate in the Lego universe, without infringing on any intellectual property.


The Results: The resulting Visual Identity is uniquely its own, standing boldly among other collectors products. The primary marks are memorable and a quiet nod to Lego, communicating the products purpose and presenting it’s own memorable character. The packaging presented it’s own challenge, needing to communicate to it’s viewer the purpose of the product. The solution was to print the silhouette of characters on clear acetate to present the concept of the product clearly without drastically altering the cost of the packaging in manufacturing.


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