To brand or not to brand?

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Graphic Design

If you are looking for design help for your brand, by now I’m sure you’ve seen the wide range of designers, prices, offerings, and opinions on the subject. On the surface that seems confusing but let’s break down this confusion in (mouth-watering) terms.. hamburger terms.

Now, you can get a hamburger just about anywhere, but the quality, the preparation, the ingredients, the environment, and the cook/chef are all super important factors to consider when choosing the best burger for you. There are some times in life when a fast-food burger is exactly what you need. Fast, predictable, and good enough to get the job done. What fast food lacks in experiential qualities it makes up for in efficiency. Yay for fast burgers. The flip side of this of course is the unpredictable cheap diner burger, is it going to be sneakily delicious or a charred and flavorless chunk of 1000 calories? You may not know until its on your plate in front of you.

Sometimes you are looking for something a little more special than fast food. You might elect to grab a burger at the nice brewery in town or the cute new American bistro. The burgers will have a little more flair, perhaps a pretzel bun, house-made pickles, or truffle fries. You know that the burger you are going to get at one of these places will be better than a fast-food burger, and you know you will pay more for it. You pay a fair price because you want to pay the chef and staff a fair wage for their expertise and you want to have a reliably nice product served to you.

MAYBE you get a wild hair and decide to spend your life savings on one of those obnoxious 14k gold leaf burgers,.. you do you? You know you are paying more than you should for a burger, but you want the clout and attention, and you have the money to spare. You know that this chef has worked their way up to be in this position to sell you this insane burger, and you are happy to receive it.

Now let’s put that into terms of brand identity. If you are JUST starting out your business, don’t have a lot of income from it yet, and are looking to gently ease into the business, a fast-food burger might be perfect for you. All the same you want to be sure that you are getting a decently good brand, and not a charred diner disaster. For non-designers this is the hardest part of this journey. Creating a logo in Canva or going through Fiver may get you a logo, but a logo is just a small part of a brand. An intentional brand needs at least color, typography, and a scalable logo suite. Your mark needs to be accessibility compliant, legible, unique, and truly ownable. (Canva logos are not truly ownable.)

If you have spent some time building up your business and are ready to put your best foot forward and invest in your brand, the Brewery/Bistro route is for you. You’ll get a brand crafted specifically for you, designed to meet your needs perfectly and speak to your dream audience. The process is easy, fun, and the finished project is something your business can grow in for years to come.

Lastly, if you have deep pockets and a thriving business, then why not spring for the gold burger! (We don’t do that here, but we won’t judge ya either!) A brand may choose to work with a top-tier (and price) design studio to foster new business relationships, garner new press, impress a board or shareholders, or just to say “look ma I made it!” The quality will be great, the price tag will be significant.

Wondering what type of burger might be right for you? Let’s chat!



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